What We Have Done For Our Clients

Lance R. Bremer obtained complete defense award, including the recovery of all defense fees and expenses, in an expedited AAA arbitration concerning the intent and interpretation of a contractual area of mutual interest (AMI) provision in a joint-venture agreement; plaintiff sought the conveyance of property interests or, alternatively, damages for the alleged failure to convey property interests that it valued in excess of $300 million.

Kara K. Stauffer secured favorable and swift settlement on behalf of energy trading company after it discovered employee misconduct, utilizing injunctive relief to identify and restrict further use of company assets.

Firm attorneys obtained a complete recovery on behalf of the Firm’s plaintiff/client following a jury trial. The jury awarded ASB’s client, an IT company, all requested damages plus interest and attorney’s fees associated with an oral contract for construction services. The jury also rejected Defendants’ counterclaims regarding the quality and scope of the work.

Firm attorneys obtained a judgment finding insurance coverage for “rip and tear” damages and awarding substantial damages for firm client U.S. Metals, Inc. The final judgment was the culmination of a six year legal battle that saw appeals to both the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and the Supreme Court of Texas (on certified questions), and resulted in one of the most significant appellate decisions on insurance coverage in 2015.

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